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Child Custody Law

Are Florida courts more likely to award custody to mothers than to fathers?

Can custody rights be modified in Florida?

If the other parent will not allow me to see my children, do I have to pay support in Florida?

What are some common terms that I should know in child custody cases?

What factors go into determining custody and visitation in Florida?

What happens in Florida when visitation rights are frustrated?

What if the child's best interest does not coincide with the parents' personal desires?

What if the custodial parent wants to move away from the non-custodial parent?

At what age can my children decide where they want to live?

Can expert witnesses be used in custody battles?

Does a court have to decide our visitation schedule, or can the other parent and I make the schedule ourselves?

If child support is not paid, must visitation be allowed in Florida?

Is mediation the best approach to solving disagreements about child custody?

I am a noncustodial parent, but my child lives with me now. Can I change the child support order?