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Alimony Law

What is alimony?

Who gets alimony in Florida and why?

Are there any guidelines in Florida for alimony, like those judges use in child support cases?

Are there different types of alimony in Florida?

Can a dependent spouse be forced to work in Florida?

Can a person in Florida request alimony after the divorce is over?

Can a spouse bankrupt his alimony obligations in Florida?

Can alimony be modified or terminated in Florida?

Does my ex-husband have to continue to pay alimony if I am now living with another man?

How is spousal support calculated in Florida?

If I receive an inheritance, does this affect alimony in any way in Florida?

If a spouse commits adultery, does this behavior result in an increase in alimony in Florida?

Can men seek alimony in Florida?

What are the factors that go into an spousal support determination in Florida?

When does alimony stop in Florida?

Can a court award two kinds of alimony at the same time in Florida?

Can a person limit their exposure to alimony by having a prenuptial agreement in Florida?

Can a spouse be awarded temporary alimony during the pendency of the divorce proceeding in Florida?

Can my ex-wife collect back alimony when she did nothing about my non-payment for several years?

What is transitional alimony? Bridge the gap alimony?

If a spouse retires, does this constitute a change in circumstances to justify a termination of alimony in Florida?

What factors does the court consider in determining alimony in Florida?

What is limited duration alimony?

What is rehabilitative alimony?